Rachana Sharira

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Sharir Rachana is a branch of Ayurveda which exclusively deals with the study of human body with basic concept of ayurveda and through dissection, which provide essensial medical knowledge for further medical education. The subject of Rachana Sharira is one of the basic subjects of Ayurveda which is taught in first year BAMS program. Anatomy forms basis for the practice of medicine, it leads the physician towards an understanding of a patients diseases whether by physical examination or by imaging techniques knowledge and skills in the field of Rachana Sharira will enable Ayurveda graduates to practice the medicine successfully.

Department of Rachana Sharir

The subject of Rachna Sharir is one among the basic Subject in the curriculum of B.A.M.S under graduation this subject heps us to understand the study of normal body structure as started in Ayurvedic samhitas as well as modern science complete dissection of cadaver is in a systemic manner forms the major part of the practical’s. Our department is situated on grown foor of main collage building it has separate areas for faculty cabins, Department library museum, Dissection hall, cadaver storage Room.


  1. Teach saamhita based Sharir Rachana from practical point of view.
  2. Delivering anatomical knowledge with maximum efficacy using visual & auditory aids & tolls there by making it easy and interesting for students.
  3. Research base knowledge of Rachana Sharir to understand and further research oriented view through various presentation view through various presentation and inter department seminar.
  4. Develop newer techniques for study of bone like bone paining model making, museum development use for better understanding & more attractive for study of students.


Imparting practical & clinical base knowledge of Rachna Sharir and anatomy to students for build their basic knowledge toward basic principal of Rachana Sharir for future clinical practice.

To develop and promote Sharir Rachana knowledge in the field of Ayurveda.

Presenting highest quality of education by practical demonstration in laboratory on the basis of Sharir Rachana.

Goal:- Department was taken up many new measures and innovative  topics for research activity like-

  1. Sharir Chintan.
  2. ( Sarva bhut chinta Sharir), Garbha Sharir.
  3. Tantra Sharir which includes the Nadi Tantra, Sadchakra.
  4. Which include Marma Chikitsa.
  5. Srotas Sharir including it’s applied Aspects.
  6. Asthi Sharir Ayurveda concept.
  7. Clinical anatomy to understand applied aspect of subject.

The study of these areas is adding new dimensions in understanding in field if Rachana Sharir also provides basic knowledge to understand Ayurveda principals in simple ways.

Silent feature of the department:-

  1. Well qualified staff with eminent experience.
  2. Adequate area for dissection hall with 4 body storage capacity of deep freezer & two body storage tank also available.
  3. Cadavers provided to student for learning & dissection purpose.
  4. Adequate study material & departmental library book is available for students.
  5. Well develop museum of Sharir Rachana.

Stock in department

  1. No. of Library Books-122
  2. No. of Charts- 180
  3. No. of Models-70
  4. No. of Specimen-38
  5. Theory Classes-173
  6. Practical Classes-295
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Dr. Subhash Chandra Chauhan
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Dr. Dhananjay
Associate Professor
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Dr. Pankaj Sirohi
Assistant Professor
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