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Kriya Sharir (Ayurveda Physiology) was started in Mahaveer Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Meerut in 2016. Kriya Sharir is the basic subject in study of Ayurvedic sciences. This subject provides the ground base knowledge of body, mind & senses functions and dysfunctions which helps in critical understanding of Ayurveda. Physiology is the base of medical wisdom. Its vast contribution is attributed to the development of medical science and clinical management. This department deals with the basic concepts of Ayurveda i.e. Dosha, Dhatu (tissue), Mala (excretory waste), Prakriti (concept of genetics), Mana (mind, etc.). The etiopathogenesis of the disease cannot be explained until the Dosha-Dhatu-mala is assessed subjectively and objectively. Therefore, this subject is the basis for a proper understanding of Ayurveda and is of great importance for a medical student to understand Ayurveda.


To give best Ayurveda Knowledge related Kriya Sharir as well as Modern Human Physiology.


To bring innovation in Ayurveda medical education, to develop simple user friendly easy-to-use tools based on modern technology and cutting edge research to better understand the various functions of the body in the context of Ayurveda Kriya Sharir.


1. To develop objective parameters of the entities related Kriya Sharira viz. Tridosha, Sapta Dhatus, malas, Agni, Srotas etc based on modern technology. 2. Support patient care in collaboration with clinical departments and interdisciplinary collaborative research by developing departmental laboratories.


1. During the year, theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance in the subject of Sharir Kriya were provided to students of BAMS.

2. Students learned Kriya Sharir by co-relating Ayurveda and Modern Physiology.

3. Students were taught Ayurveda and modern practical work according to the syllabus.

4. Various workshops and seminars were organized for the overall development of the students on behalf of Kriya Sharir Department.

Stock in department

  1. Computer -1
  2. Printer -1
  3. Department of Library Books -147
  4. No. of Charts – 92
  5. No. of Models -46
  6. No. of Specimen -41
  7. Theory Classes -264
  8. Practical/Clinical -346
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Dr. Rama Shankar Singh
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Dr. Mansoor Ahmad
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Dr. Manju Lata Saini
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