Dravyaguna Vigyan

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Dravyaguna Vigyan

Department of Dravyaguna is pivotal, owing to the fact that one of the main tools of treatment is being dealt in this department. The division has been aesthetically designed with charts and models placed all-over with the sole purpose of repeated viewing and thereof reinforced learning. The knowledge of the branch aids in identification of dried and fresh plants species, along with their properties and therapeutic uses. The department has been staffed with experts who are well-versed in the field.


Museum: The department houses wet and dried specimens for the reference of students. There is a collection of 150 charts, 12 models and 202 specimens of various species.

Library: Library in the department has a hand-picked stock of books that are useful for both staff and students.

Laboratory: The laboratory is well equipped to conduct all the experiments as per the syllabus as well as to demonstrate some of the phenomenon mentioned in theory.

Herbal Garden: To identify the herbs in their natural habitat the institute has a herbal garden which has a collection of around 250 plants arranged in systematic manner.

Vision: The department envisions to develop a folklore research facility in the institute in collaboration with staff members and alumnus. The knowledge of therapeutic use of single drugs from various sources would be pooled to create a larger database which then be tested and validated scientifically. Thereof, providing growth opportunities for graduates; the result of such studies devises overall development of Ayurvedic science.

Mission: Department of Dravyaguna is pledged to enable the students to identify plant species and therapeutically use them to cure disease thus, reducing the burden on patients and to be versatile in clinical practice by switching to alternative drugs in absentia of a particular drug.

Nature the young talents to become skilled professional in pharacodynamics and pharmacodinetics of Ayurvedic medical plans.


  1. To provide teaching facilities to the students by which they can understand classical and contemporary areas relevant to Dravyaguna in a better way.
  2. Students were taught Ayurveda and modern practical work according to the syllabus.
  3. Various workshops and seminars were organized for the overall development of the students on behalf of Dravyaguna
  4. Dr Asheesh, along with other teaching staff members help design and maintain Naskhatra Vatika, Rashi Vatika and Navgraha Vatika in the college herbal garden.
  5. Improved plant database of the department by personally involving in collection and preservation.

Stock in department-

  1. COMPUTER: – 1
  2. PRINTER: – 1
  4. NUMBER OF CHARTS: – 150
  7. THEORY CLASSES: – 172

...to get each other motivated!

which includes different species of the same genus at the same place which helps to study morphological variance.

The laboratory is fully equipped with all the instruments & stains as per M.S.R.

Approx 210 dry specimen & 10 Wet Specimen. Department has approx 250 pictorial images of medicinal plants & 100 charts giving information about plants.


Dr. Arun S. Kumar
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Dr. Vilaxana Joshi
Associate Professor
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Dr. Vikrant Sharma
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Sandeep Sahebrao Garud
Assistant Professor
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