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About Department

Agad Tantra

Agad tantra deals with study of poisons, its action, clinical manifestion diagnosis of acute, chronic and cummultive toxicity and treatment. The departments imparts under graduate education and training to students in ayurvedic classical references of visha, its detailed description, its classifications and examinations, diseases caused by it, principals of management and legal aspect of medical practice, medical aspect of law and forensic medicines.

Vision: To achieve complete health or tonicity management for the health society.


1. Our objective is not only to provide academic, research but also to exceed our clients expectations i.e. our authorities, students, patients and law enforcement agencies.
2. To impart quality education to under graduate students meeting the highest of standards in vogue.
3. To give sufficient knowledge to handle the case of poisoning.


1. To provide teaching facilities to the students by which they can understand classical and contemporary areas relevant to AGAD Tantra in a better way.
2. Students were taught Ayurveda and modern practical work according to the syllabus.
3. Various workshops and seminars were organized for the overall development of the students on behalf of AGAD Tantra Department.
4. Improved plant database of the department by personally involving in collection and preservation.

Departmental Information

1. The department has academic section and museum which are spread over a spacious area.
2. The department is well equipped with teaching/learing resources.
3. In our department 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 1 assistant professor with other supporting technical and non technical staff was working in the department

Future Goals

• To create physician who is aware of medical ethies, duties and various acts governing medical practice.
• To produce a doctor well informed about medico-legal responsibilities during the practice of medicine.

Stock in departmet

1. COMPUTER: – 1
2. PRINTER: – 1

Daily activities – Daily activities of the department can be divided into two parts-

1)Theoretical activities- under this we are taking scheduled theoretical classes of the subject, for that we have presented four faculty member.

2) Practical activities-under this we are practically demonstrating the forensic and toxicological topics with the help of models, charts, weapons, specimens and toxicological plant garden present in our college.

Infrastructure: department has the following infrastructure –

  • Models, chart’s, weapons, specimens ( plant, animal, mineral, acid-alkali, alcohol, etc.,
  • Separate chamber for faculty.
  • One museum
  • Toxicological plant garden.

Educational Activity: –

1) Students are regularly getting knowledge of identification of toxic plants from our toxicological plant garden and their useful/toxic parts from their samples kept in the museum.

2) Seminar:- After getting the practical post mortem & medico-legal knowledge from the district Hospital, Hardwar, students represent their post mortem case in the practical classroom weekly and take part in open discussion.

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Dr. Bhawna Mehra
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Dr. Vikas Kumar
Associate Professor
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Dr. Laxmi S P
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